i heart coldplay

And if you were to ask me after all that we've been through, still believe in magic Oh yes I do

Coldplay gif challenge » [2/2] b-sides: Crests of Waves

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Hey guys! I just made an instagram (joanarpca) and I really want to follow you :) What’s yours?

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Countdown to Ghost Stories - 30 Days: Favourite song from Parachutes
Don’t Panic

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Anonymous: What languages?

Portuguese, English and a little bit of Spanish :)

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I was tagged by the-coldplayer-companion <3 :)

1) How many languages do you speak?

hmmmm, 3!

2) Do you procrastinate a lot or you like to do things right away?

I procastinate A LOT, it’s almost impossible for me to do things right away :(

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"It makes me laugh sometimes that these things that you have written in the heights of loneliness, in the middle of the night, when everyone is asleep - then suddenly there are 20,000 people singing it with you, its such a funny transition because you could not have started in a more individual place. To me, that is pure happiness."

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→ 33/50 Favourite photos of Coldplay

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leave a light, a light on

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behind the scenes of magic music video

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Christophe the Magician’s assistant

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Anonymous: I was just watching the Live 2003 DVD and it suddenly occurred to me that I always see tons of gifs of the band being adorable backstage and stuff that are tagged live 2003 but those parts aren't on what I watch so where do all of those gifs come from? Thanks

Hey :) I think you are talking about the Live 2003 backstage documentary! I’m trying to find it on youtube, but I think it has been removed :(

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Magic: Behind the Scenes + Light

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Chris having fun on Magic’s video set (x)

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